Monday, August 16, 2010

All That for This!!.

So if anyone is still around reading what I'll notice that indeed I fell off the side of the earth some time ago!! It's true!! I was going along.....keeping up with all that needed kept up.....and then bam....I fell!!

It started with my big toe!! At first I just couldn't keep up with small blogging....and reading and speaking coherently......and running to go potty exactly when I needed to (instead I waited until I couldn't hold it one more second!! I've got a few more good years left in my bladder!!) I worked on...sewing and cutting..and sawing and nailing stuff!! entire left leg was over the edge!! I no longer attended to cleaning!! I've always thought it over-rated anyway...there's a path from room to room.....and I enjoy my pet spiders!! :O) Still....I worked on.....stuffing and stitching.....painting and staining!!
I realized I was in trouble when my family revolted!! They are soooooo spoiled...always demanding clean clothes (hello......there's an inside and an outside to each and every pair of underwear ever made for a reason!!).....and they were demanding food.....that's been our home!! Geesh!! Why do they make 50,000 kinds of cereal if not to have variety in meals? There's even dessert ones....cookie crisp!!! And.....I was kind enough to make sure the milk wasn't too a week or so!! I have no idea what more is needed...but still I worked on.....dressing and distressing...scenting and waxing!!
So all this work led to our first show of the season this past weekend.... A Humble Past in North Lima, OH at the home of Piney Creek Primitives. Oh my goodness!! Debbie did a wonderful job putting together a grand group of vendors of all things prim!! There were antiques and cabinets.....boxes and quilts!! WONDERFULNESS!!!! There were handmade prims
absolute WONDERFULNESS!!! The customers came.....they saw.....they slobbered.....they bought!! I think a great time was had by all!! The only was about 300* the shade!! We all appeared to be glassy eyed sweaty dirt bags peddling our wares.....but in a good way!! :O) I highly recommend you mark your calendars for next won't want to miss it!!

So there you have it......I've managed to climb back up.....both feet firmly on the ground!! I'm not going to promise great daily blogging (I mean c'mon....I mediocre at best right!! :O))....sparkling wooden floors instead of the plush dog hair coverings....gourmet meals every night of the week (like hot dogs on buns that aren't green)...and I promise to not require more than a week from each pair of undies....but I am glad to be among the living blog-asphere again!! I can't wait to get caught up on everyone least until the next show.....In the Spirit of Friends!!!

Tah Tah for Now y'all!! Make it a grand Monday!!


Tina said...

Hey there sweetie. I love seeing all the wonderful things that are coming from your creative hands. I miss being around to see you at shows. Maybe one day when the Lord decides it's time to land in one spot. Glad youre on your two feetly firm again, but you fell beautifully.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Great prims....You do beautiful work!

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Tina, I think you have just described how I feel sometimes!! You have such a way with words, loved your post!! I just found you from a post on The Keeping Room and she was showing off her santa she got from you at your show. I am now a follower, love all your stuff. I would love to come to the show, but Texas is a long way from Ohio. 8-(
Have a great day!!

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Duh!! should preview before I post, it was a snowman, not a santa. 8-)

Dana said...

Wow Stace, you've been busy, too!!! I loved seeing your booth all set up. I can't imagine doing a show in this heat... OMG!!!

You've got such an amazing sense of humor... I was laughing so hard. Dang, I've been there. My family can relate. LOL!!!

Take care and talk to you soon...


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hee-hee!! Man, everything looks fantastic Stace!! You are one busy gal!
Oh and don't late anyone fool you... Cooking and cleaning is highly overrated. :> )