Sunday, May 16, 2010

It Should Be Illegal!!

I found a deal I couldn't pass up!! Amazon has those wonderful daily deals and the other week EA Sports Active for Wii appeared for a great price!!! I also had a gift card from my swagbucks and also free shipping to it was a deal too good to pass know....I love to get a good deal on my torture!! It came Fri and I couldn't wait to try it out........once I ran out of excuses why I couldn't possibly exercise at the moment!!

I swear to you.......don't do it!! It's a box!!! They make you.....gulp.....exercise!!! And by exercise I weights....squat AND get back UP!!! Geesh!!! It truly should be illegal!! That personal trainer is something that crawled outta the swamp.......and probably drank redbull and nails for lunch!!!

Now.....perhaps I don't have a completely firm grasp on reality but I mean c'mon.......I couldn't possibly be that bad can I?????? At one point the personal trainer from hel....opaloooza started laughing hysterically at me and said..... "Oh honey.....give it up!!!" That really hurt my feelings!!! I was determined to complete the workout.....apparently.....she was not amused.....she walked off the job and said something about me being a lost cause and that they don't pay her nearly enough......How rude!!! (I'm pretty sure that's what happened!! I blacked out after I had to run around the track and then do knee lifts and then kick my bum and then.....but yea!!! I'm almost positive that's what happened!!) Who knew a video game could be so realistic!!!! :O) To be time I'm going to "do" the video while laying on the couch with a snickers!!!

Any-hooooo.......I'll not walk for a week.....and don't even ask me to sit down and then expect me to get back up again!!!.....but other than that it's a great workout!! Can't wait to do it again!! :O)

Hope you have a great Monday!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Stace, I sure love stopping by your blog for my daily giggle..thank you for the wonderful words you left on my blog are a hoot and always bring a smile to my face..would be so nice to meet the folks that we connect with...would be a blast wouldn't it? as for that wii..the trainer would have busted a gut with me...take care and have a great week.;)

Tina said...

Well, I'm not sure your sales pitch angle works for the Wii folks.
Keep it up though and you'll get buff or die tryin'

scratch that :)
Well, I got a belly workout laughing. Thanks for that

Erinn Laine Candles said...

Oh the downside of the 40's club, I'm right there with ya' Stacy ! I've been walking many a mile & have recently taken up the stairs @ the McKinley monument, all in hopes of lower numbers on the scale. much to my dismay, my last trip to the doctors made me want to smash his scales and scream "liar liar pants on fire" , then run into the arms of Ben & Jerry. ahh ,it's so unfair :0(