Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh My!!!

I hope you all got a chance to go to The Settler's Fare and the Gathered Treasures shows yesterday!! Oh my goodness....they were both amazing!! The crowds were large and it appeared as though the buyers were out!! :O)

Great job vendors...... your offerings were great...very unique....amazingly prim!! Great job well put did a great job combining great vendors with a great lay-out!! And actually great job attendees......everyone (or most......I only had to slap a few gals my mind of course :O)) was very cordial for such large crowds!!

We had a great time.....and bought a few treasures as well!! We got to meet a few fellow creators although with the pact house not as many as we would have liked!! It was just a great day!!

Hope you had an equally wonderful one!! :O) Happy new week!!


Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

Hi Stace...

Were you at Gathered Treasures? If so, I wish you would have introduced yourself.

I was all nerves! I frooze on show day. I should have worn warmer cloths.


Tina said...

Oh how I deeply miss doing shows especially because of the wonderful people you meet.