Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Not Malignant"

Since January, I've been dealing with some weird "female issues" and recently had to have a biopsy to rule out the possibility of a cancer. You know.....that's a scary word!! Malignancy!! Yikes!! I wasn't extremely scared!! I kept saying (and most of the time truly believed) even worse case scenario I was fine with it!! God would carry me through!! Even so......I gotta say.....those are gorgeous words!! "No malignancy found"!! Thank You Father!!

The problem now......what the heck am I gonna blame for being a total nut case??????? Oh well.....I'm sure I'll come up with something!! :O)

Have a great mid-week!! Remember to stop and smell the dandelions!!


Sandy said...

Now that is good news! I hate that C word, it is very scary. Glad to know your good :)

I am sure you will think of something else...LOL. Always love reading your blog. I have a chuckle here and there :)

Tina said...

I had no idea that you were dealing (and it seems, still are dealing with) health problems. How relieved I am to hear the good words "no malignancy" praise God!

Hoping to make it to one of your shows soon.

Love ya