Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life After the Lottery......

Now that we are filthy rich....I'm learning to live like "the other half".....which of course is me now!! **snort** Because I'm still sooooo down to earth......I thought I might show you a glimpse of how one's life changes!! Please.......enjoy....but please.......don't envy!!

First to change....I can no longer take the time to type these posts myself!!
I've hired an assistant for that!!

I've found that I spend alot of time outdoors....
just riding around on my new lexus!!

Sometimes....I get tired from just lugging around all the winnings
and just simply need to relax beside our newly installed pool!!
(note to self.....get a pool boy!!)

So.....there you go!! That's how my life of leisure is now!! Yep!! Life is good!! Hope yours' is too!!

If you need me.......I'll be out back.....they are installing the private helicopter pad today!! What.....I can't be expected to take a car to Walmart anymore can I???



Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you goof ball..:) I love your new life of about sending some of that wealth my way..;) I could use a pool boy..;)lol...

Sandy said...

Love it! You are just too funny :)
I could really sit down and talk with you, I think you could lift anyones spirits ;)

Make sure when you get your pool boy, he is one good looking guy and if you get fed up send him my way...LOL

Prim and Proper Folks said...

hahaha..thanks for the are too funny! Susan