Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What the......

As I've been saying w/ every post.....our world is chaotic. We are exhausted by 9p and ready to drop into bed for a few hours rest before starting the new day all over again....

Last night I let the our loverly Miss Opal out at 8:45p to go potty before bedtime. She didn't come back quickly and immediately I started worrying. You may remember that Miss Opal is a lover of all things stinky......nothing sends my love over the edge faster than a big pile of poo!! Why just admire from afar.....oh no....she loves to roll and roll and roll in it!! can see why I became concerned!!

Suddenly.....she appeared out of the darkness.....looking a bit damp!! OH MY GOSH!! What the h3ll............
....Yea!! She had a lil' one on one w/ ol' Pepe la Peu!!

I love her....but I'm gonna sell her to the gypsies!! I'm off to scrub s'more......and that includes the inside of my nose!! Have a stinky day yourself!! :O)



Tina said...

Oh no!!!!!! Been there and used everything. Home remedies, stuff from the vet and it seemed to never cure the odor which, if I take a deep breath, is still embedded in my nostrils.
Sorry, scrub away.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Stace, you seriously crack me up..I hope your nose is back to normal..:)

Sandy said...

Oh poor you :(
My parents went through the same thing last year with their dog. And it was me they were not impressed at all!

They called the vet and got a recipe to cure the problem. They said that tomato juice does nothing. Now the problem is I am not sure on the measurements and I do know the bigger the dog, the more of your mixture. I would have to ask my mom how much and exactly what again. I do remember there was baking soda, peroxide and liquid dish detergent. But not sure the quantities and if there is something else missing. I do know that it does work though.

Good Luck and if you want the recipe, just let me know and I will ask my mother tomorrow.