Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I've Learned While Remodeling Our Kitchen

Remodeling is always a learning process!! You learn things about the actual learn things about yourself and/or your spouse if you are doing the work learn things about your home.

I thought I would share my new educational lessons.....

1) We learned our family was actually much larger than we realized!! When you move your oven only once in 100 years......dust bunnies set up colonies underneath!! We discovered a lovely town.....Stewtropolis.....complete with the finest in schools......a wonderful church, library and post office.....and the cutest little strip fact.....the founder, Stew was an architect and created just a beautiful town!!! Sadly......I sucked the entire thing up with the vacuum!!

2) At some point during the process of question what the problem was with the original kitchen. Why did we start this? At this point it becomes the fault of your spouse....why is he never satisfied with what we have????? Want is a very bad trait!! tisk!! tisk!!

3) When you are required to complete the remodeling project because your kitchen cabinets are now in a pile on the floor and you have everything you shoved into those cabinets piled in the family room.....and the dining room......and the hallway.....and the laundry room.....and in your child's bed.....and the remodeling project starts to look amazingly was your idea all along to start said project!! It is great to be a dreamer!!

4) When working with your spouse on a remodel, neither one of you can be right all the time!! Sometimes you're right......sometimes he's wrong!!

5) No matter how cute your hubby matter how he sweet-talks ya....don't fall for the line, "can you hold this up for me for a minute?" That is male code for.....stand here and hold this 1000lb. cabinet over your head for 4 hours or until your arms fall off while I put 1400 screws and/or glue and/or nails and/or a staple or 2 in.

6) If you choose to fall for said's probably not the appropriate time to criticise his "attaching" technique!!

7) Once you're in full blown....over your too deep to turn back now.....remodeling mode....remember that your husband is working very hard to bring your dream to fruition!! You've invested time and money....sweat and tears into the project together!! Hubby has worked every possible moment on completing the project to your liking!! Don't forget to show your appreciation to him.......I find screaming "THANK YOU!!" through clenched teeth as you're storming to lock yourself in the bathroom makes him feel all warm and fuzzy....and appreciated!!

8) Remodeling and redoing is's a fresh makes you appreciate your are proud of the work you've put into appreciate the sacrifice in funds because it has cost 14 times what you thought initially....yes, indeed.....remodeling is a great experience...Note to self......NEVER remodel kitchen.....EVER AGAIN!!!

So there you have it!! My life lessons learned through a remodel!! Hope you are learning something new each day too!!

Make it a good one!!


Tina said...

All good lessons and your comical twist gets you through.
Crackin' up in NY

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you always make me laugh..we re did ours a couple of years ago and I must say it was easier then I took time..but we just made sure to clean up the mess every it was more bearable..(that is how I had to have it) even when we redid our floors and put down hardwood..I had to sweep everyday and tidy up..made me feel a whole lot better..;)

Sherry's Cabin said...

Amen Sister!