Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skunk Spray Solution

Here is my tried and true skunk spray solution. I don't remember where I found it, however we've used it MANY times over the fact....Brady showed Opal for several years in 4-H...and I used this to make her coat SHINE!!!!!

1 bottle peroxide
1 box baking soda
a few drops dish liquid
enough warm water to make a gallon

Just dissolve the baking soda in the liquid and apply in halves.

We wet the dog....lather with dog shampoo....pour 1/2 solution on and wash the dog very well.
Apply last 1/2 of solution.
Rinse well.

There ya go!! That's my tried and true de-stinker!! Hope you never have to use it....but...should you need works!!


Tina said...

So many people will be soooo grateful for that solution. I could've used it years ago.

Sandy said...

So I had the right things :) All I know is that it worked because I have a front load washer so my parents sent home their comforter for me to wash. My laundry room and washer stank so bad I used up that remedy and re-washed the washer and the smell was gone. Plus my parents dog smelt much better. Poor thing was sprayed right in the mouth. We assume she went to bite the skunk but got something else. She was so sick but lived through it.