Friday, March 19, 2010

God Bless the United States of America

May He hold us close and guide our governing officials always, but especially during these country changing decisions that appear before us!! Let them decide based on the foundations of our country as it is.....not what they strive to create!!

God be with you all congress men and women!! Stand strong....walk in the steps of our founding fathers.....let America return to the greatest country in the entire world as it will without your interference.....follow the constitution in it's perfection......speak for those you represent, not for yourselves, nor for your brothers and sisters in congress.....let not yourselves be "bought off" with them all, Father.

Let us all hold our country in prayer this weekend and in the days which follow!! May God bless America!!



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Tina said...

Thanks for this. I really didn't know how to pray. This is a prayer many are praying right now.