Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's All Take Time To Be Positive!!

They say being negative is a bad thing!! It makes you feel even makes people run in the other direction when they see you coming.....and it makes your bum look huge and you need bifocals.....or so I've heard!! (you're not wearing bifocals are you?)

So, c'mon......let's be positive for a moment!!!

1. I'm positive I hate snow!!! I came to this conclusion after we have 100' of this wonderful
stuff on the ground!!

2. I'm positive that the 600 mph wind is going to blow my van and/or home into the next state where I could land on a witch!!

3. I'm positive that if the kids don't go back to school soon, they will be graduating from high
school when they are 42!!

4. I'm positive that I require flushing toilets......AND heat......AND electricity......AND a donut......ummm......coke zero too!!!

5. I'm positive that my 8lb crazy cat HATES 100' of snow and 600 mph winds......and she
shows this hate by jumping vertically onto the side of our cedar sided home and sticking like a
spider....even tho' she is de-clawed simply because I put her out!!!

6. I'm positive that my darling Miss Opal black lab hates this blizzard equally as much since
she refuses to go out longer than it takes to "do her business" and stares at me as tho' I'm
dishing out cruel and unusual treatment by forcing her to do it outside!!!

7. I'm positive that should spring not arrive in short order that I will go crazy.....I know...short

See......finding the silver lining is not so hard at all!!! In fact I love this stuff so much that I think I'll freeze a snowball or two and bring it out when I'm equally as positive in July and August when it's 400* out!!!

Have a great day!! Find something you can be positive about too!!


Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

What a positively wonderful post!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

You are the most positive person I have ever met..I hope you rub off on are so funny girlfriend...get a blizzard of a different kind say at your local thats my kind of blizzard..oreo cookie/reeses peanut butter cup to be exact..;)

Willow said...

Hehehehe.....Now that's positively the most positive post I've ever read ;0}
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Allison said...

I love your positive thinking!! I just found your blog and hope to find some time to read it better. If we weren't out for President's day I'm sure we'd have a snow day here in KC.