Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Give or Take?

Have you heard the expression, "We all give joy.....some when we arrive....others when we leave."? WOW!! Isn't that the truth!! Have you ever had an encounter with someone and parted feeling all icky?

Well I have, however more importantly......more energizing are the encounters with those that leave you feeling positive, empowered, ready to walk the path for the day!! You look forward to each encounter!

One such blessing is Sherry Hall of Sherry's Cabin. She is a true Christian......a true human.......a true cheerleader!! She always has these words of wisdom that make me smile, and make me think, and make me wanna be better. Thank you Sherry.....for letting your light shine so brightly.....for your shining example!! You are a blessing to the world!!

"God's already serving up blessings this morning, so you better get yourself to His table!"
by Sherry Hall

Go give joy today!!

1 comment:

Sherry's Cabin said...

Awww, shucks, Stace. You are too sweet! You lifted me up today!
Hugs, Cow Slobbers, and Mule Kisses,