Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bring It On, Al!!

Now I know some of you out there think the recent "snow-mageddon" is proof that Al Gore is off his rocker. I think you will all agree that that is just plain "wrong thinking" on your part when you see what has happened here over night on Mobile Road...... stopped snowing and is about 95* out!!!

It is so nice out......see here as our neighbor broke out the "ol' rag top" for a drive!! "Drive careful Mr. Neighbor!!"

......another neighbor is sunning herself!!

I was soooo inspired that I hung clothes out to dry!!

The birds are absolutely "twitter-pated"

It's amazing!! The trees are budding.....over night!!!

Now don't you feel just a lil' guilty for doubting? Don't be a doubting Debbie today.......enjoy this crazy global warming event!!

Oh gotta go.......there's someone at the door with a nice new jacket for me to wear..... it's white and has a bunch of buckles....huh!! Oh well.....Have a great day!!


Snugglebug Blessings said...

Well I'm sure Al will agree that global warming is the reason for this overdone snow season...LOL! I hate to break it to him, but we have had major snow storms in the past just as bad if not worse, global warming wasn't even a thought then. Just remember the iceburgs did it. Hee Hee! God bless, Cathy

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you are too funny...


you are a comical writer..i enjoyed that little journey into your funny mind! thanks for the smiles...

to global warming....
do I hear a knock at my door now...?lol

ciao bella..