Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yep!! That's right!! We awoke to 17" of snow and NO POWER!!! Luckily we heat partially with wood so we were warm and toasty, but bored!! tee hee hee!! Actually.....we had a fun time playing Monopoly and I cooked a great lunch on the wood stove.

We are blessed with a neighbor that shovels us out (thanks Lee!!) and we in turn gave them our generator and kerosene heater....they heat w/ electric and were ccccold!!!

So here it is almost 9pm and we have our electric back, and are completely shoveled out.......we survived the 4th largest recorded snow fall according to the weather station!!

Hope you are all safe and sound and warm and toasty.....and now......nighty night!!

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Willow said...

Holy Moley !!! Look at that winter wonderland ;0) We got almost 3inches here. baby sized compared to yours. We have a woodstove too and that's one of the reasons we put one in. No power we can still have heat and cook. So who won your game of monopoly ?
Prim Huggs n Blessins