Monday, January 11, 2010


My loverly son got a wii from santa this year, so I was thinking...."you should get a wii fit". What a completely horrible idea!! Geesh!! I need to learn to stop listening to the voices in my head!!

I've been working out with it for a couple weeks now and I truly love it, but I swear there is a lil' gnome living in it!! There must be cause it knows when I work out....and when I don't!! This morning my wii mii trainer scolded me for a half hour because I hadn't worked out for a naturally I responded to my wii mii trainer, "yessir!! I did so" to which she responded, "no you did not!!" "Yes I did!!", "No!! You did NOT!!" She really has an attitude.....and I did not appreciate her tone at all!!

"Mrs. smarty pants, I played wii fit with Brady several times last week!! pfffft!!" Apparently my wii mii trainer does not consider playing the family set of games as actual working out!! Witch!!

So there you have it!! As much as I absolutely LOVE my wii's driven me to begin arguing with a video game!! Geesh!! I think I really need to add a lil' chocolate to my day!!

Have a great Monday!!


Willow said...

I laughed my patootie off reading your post !!!! LOL We have had a wii for 2 yrs and I tell ya' those games DO give ya a work out. My daughter wants wii fit for her b~day. Do you like it ?
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

have a piece for me goof make me laugh..;)