Monday, December 7, 2009


Why does the phone always ring when......'ve gotta go potty sooooo badly that your eyeballs are floating?'re in an extensive discussion with your husband and you haven't made your point nearly clearly enough nor explained in detail how horribly wrong he is? are sitting down to a family dinner for the first time in a week......and nothing is burnt or still frozen solid and everyone is still speaking?'re walking out the door to a meeting you are already 10 minutes late to?'s 6:30am on the only morning for the entire year that you can sleep in?'ve just made it to the mailbox at the end of the drive.....or to the clothesline.....or in the furthest spot in the house away from the phone?

.......your hands are covered in crafting slime?'ve just gotten undressed to get into the first shower you've had time to take in a week?

Now clearly, caller ID has been a wonderful tool!! You can avoid a whole lotta folks thanks to knowing whose calling!! However, let's be honest!! How many of these situations have been made worse by caller ID????

How about......'re in an extensive discussion with your husband, you haven't gotten your point across, the phone rings and it's his mother?'re running late to a meeting, you're ready to leave, the phone rings and it's the person you're having the meeting with!!! Uh-oh!!!! You are s'posed to be stuck in traffic!!!

....what if it's Publisher's Clearinghouse calling to tell you that you've won $1 gazillion and you don't answer cause you've gotta go potty and you think they are calling as a telemarketer???

See!!! So please, someone tell me......Why?

Have a great Monday.....and now I gotta go....the phone's ringing!!

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