Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well, Hello There!! it is December 2 and I'm finally making time to sit down and get this thing back up and running!! Geesh where does the time go????? Let's get caught up shall we.....

We have had a HUGE show line-up this year!!! We started off the year with a spring show that went wonderful, and our fall included 6 shows; our first Atwood Fall Festival and the Simple Country Gathering in Hanoverton. Both were very nice however, the Simple Country Gathering show was AMAZING!!!!! Sold out in a half hour and met a ton of great folks too!! can't wait for next year!!! Next we did a couple school shows, a private show and finally finished up our last this past weekend!! As soon as we finish up our list of orders we'll be home free!!!!

Additionally we were hired by the local condo association to do the landscaping for the year as well as painting, staining decks and a ton of odd jobs!! This kept all of us quite busy (especially Rick), he still gets frequent calls for additional jobs!!

Our Brady is now in High School and crazy busy being a teenage student, athlete and scholar!! He had a fantastic golf season, and begins bowling season this week. Also, he has discovered a new passion.....the speech team. He has placed in several tournaments and done exceptionally well!! He is in the International Extemporaneous category....which means he must know everything there is to know about the world and be able to give a 7 minute speech on any given topic with a 1/2 hour prep!!! YIKES!!!! We are extremely proud of our son......he is an amazing kid and I am proud to be his mom!!!

Soooo.......this has been my crazy busy life in the last few months!!! I have missed each of you and look forward to getting re-acquainted with you again!! Let the blog hopping begin!!!

Can't wait to hear from you!! Until then......tah tah!!

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lovetheprimlook said...

Hey Stace, glad to see ya back...sounds like you have been so busy :) Take care and Happy Holidays !!!