Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Morning Moods

By a show of hands.....how many of you have teenagers in the house?

By a show of hands how many of you have had teenagers in the house who are now grown and on their own and are laughing hysterical simply because of my title and opening question?

By a show of hands how many of you survived teenagers in the home by tying them up in the basement and/or attic?

By a show of hands....how many of you who have survived teenagers in the home did so by running away to Alaska?

By a show of hands....how many of you who have teenagers in the house actually had their brains fall out upon the child turning 13....and then while not knowing one single thing....still be expected to be a gourmet cook, waitress, maid, taxi driver, and giver of all things gold....while never speaking to the child?

By a show of hands.....how many of you who now have grown children had your brain grow back upon the child turning 21 and/or on their own in the world? (please give me hope)

Thank you for any insight you may offer.....I was a perfect teenager sooooooo I'm new at all this!!! I've decided that since clearly everything was my parents' fault all those years ago, that it couldn't possibly be me now either right???!!!! While my child is perfect as well.....just ask him....he truly is a good kid!!!!......I just need to learn how to avoid him in the morning when clearly we are speaking 2 different languages....his and stupid (mine)!!

Hope you are having a great day......and now I need to re-dose on excedrin!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Stacey sweetie...
There is hope believe me. I have 3 grown children with kids of their own now.

My oldest son and youngest son have great jobs and are finding their way in the world. Rough going, but was well worth the wait.

My daughter (the middle child) also a Mom, going back to school getting her degree in nursing.

Yes sweetie, there is hope. Just keep counting and telling yourself, one day he will see. Yes one day he will see.

By the way, I have been dying my hair for years. It turned grey almost overnight when they kids hit their teen years. Isn't it amazing what 3 teens can do to us. My oldest 2 are 21 months apart, and then 3 years between the next set, so yes they all went through the teen years together.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Lisa said...

hahaha here's some hope for you. I have a son who is 20. Since the kids were small they've a week with me, then a week with their dad (we live near each other)back and forth. Now that he's going to school and making arty/crafty things to sell he pretty much stopped coming here to sleep. Dad has a basement workshop, plus it's just easier to live in one place. (whew!that's a lot of backstory, huh?) Anyway, he was visiting yesterday to drop by a sewing maching he had borrowed from me and he was talking about how annoying it is when his little brother (17) is at dad's for the week because he tried to keep the house clean and his little brother doesn't help with dishes and just messes the house up. ROFL!!! Ahhhh sweet revenge. I thought I'd have to wait until he had kids of his own for that.

Lisa said...

I should add, though it made me laugh, it made me happy, too. To see your kids growing up and coming into their own and taking on the values you've tried to instill does the heart good. I'm very proud of my guys.