Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Think I'm Gonna Move to Alaska!!

Good golly miss molly!!! The McClure household got very minimal sleep last night!! And I know what you're thinking......NO!!! We were NOT on a sugar rush from yesterday's baking!!!!

We seem to be in some funky weather pattern where it rains for 3.8 seconds like it's trying to drown you.....then......sleets for 6.9 seconds as if trying to cover everything in a glaze. This is followed by an amazing 4 minutes of icing pellets turning into snow flakes the size of my van!!! We had thunder as well yesterday and moments of sunshine and blue skies!!! The crowning event however has been the never ceasing winds reaching speeds of 50mph +!!! is pretty crappy weather topped with the loud rush of trees and/or the neighbor's pigs flying through the air!!! This has lead to our animal children acting like.......animals!!!

At 12 midnight my alarm went off!!! Ummmmmmm!!! I haven't worked a "real" job for like 5 years however.....Maggie Mae, our crazy cat felt the need to set my alarm by pouncing on the stupid thing!!! She too cried to get out and then once out cried to get back in......15 times!!! Yea!!! That was fun!!!

The party continued from that point on when every few seconds Opal, our black lab would get on the bed, pace for a moment and then jump down. She would roam through the house and return to jump up on the bed again!!! Magenta, our aged husky gal joined the fun by moving her arthritic body ever so slowly right behind her sister....however.....she was a few moments behind because she can't jump onto the bed the first time anymore! Oh no, it takes her about 5 minutes and 5000 jumps!!! Oh yea!!! What a great time!!!

At this is 6:30am....where is Opal you ask? She's sound asleep under the bed!!! And Magenta? She fixed herself a nest of blankets in MY BED and is fast asleep!!! Maggie Mae, the crazy cat......yep!!! Asleep!! And Brady, my human son.......said, "Now, what happened last night????? Ohhhhhhh, I didn't hear that!!!" UGH!!! I'm moving to Alaska!!! I should have no problem sleeping there right?????????


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Stacey...
At least someone at your house got some rest hu?

Yes critters do not like change at all. My little Boston Terrier barks at the rain when it is coming down, as we see so little here in the Phoenix desert. He doesn't know what it is when he sees it. They do not like noise at all.

They will sleep all day today, and then be ready to prowl all night tonight.

Try to rest yourself a little if you can. The weather outside is frightful, so enjoy a nice fire inside, snuggle up and have a little restful peace yourself.

Stay warm sweetie. Stop by and say hi. I love the company.

Country hugs...Sherry

Tina said...

Alaskan Adventures in the McClure house. Stay tuned.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you are soo funny.but man what a crappy day of weather..and when the wind blows scares the crap out of us..too many tall trees..:)