Friday, December 4, 2009

Are You As Thrifty As I?

Are ya feeling gitty in anticipation of the weekend? Can you believe that we blew by Thanksgiving an entire week ago? Geesh!!! As with everyone.....December weekends bring us a crazy, (even crazier yet i should say) schedule partying with friends and family which we may not see any other time of the year!! With all the gatherings, the grocery bill always seems to go up in (could it be that we also give the go ahead to eat a lil' more during winter as well????? LOL!!)

Earlier this year I made the decision to try couponing once again. In my early marriage I tried, however was not serious about it, and quite frankly found it annoying!! This time around, I made the commitment to give it a true full out effort!!

Couponing is definitely a commitment!! It takes time to collect the coupons, clip them and sort them, and then it takes longer at the grocery store as well!! Now I haven't gone crazy in watching all the sale ads and shopping many different stores, however, that is an additional way to combine coupons with sales and save even more......maybe next year!!! LOL!!

The Sunday paper is a great place to collect coupons. I also subscribed to All You Magazine which is a terrific resource!! It is inexpensive to purchase at $2.50 per issue (available only at Walmart sorry to all you who less than love Walmart) and contains coupons ranging in $40 - over $100 so that it pays for itself should you use just 1 or 2 coupons!!!!

Online resources are quite helpful as well!!! I use Bargain Jargon, Frugal Coupon Living, and Deal Seeking Mom. These sites collect wonderful deals, freebies (which are really fun to receive) and alert readers to additional coupon sites!! They each generously send out daily emails which are quick and simple reads. You can then research the deal further or overlook them, limiting wasted time checking out many sites!!! I have found them a great tool!!

So there you go.......I routinely save $20 or $30 each week and buy nothing different than I would have otherwise!! Sometime you do need to purchase one brand over another in order to save, however, things we are brand specific on, I just avoid that coupon!!! It's simple and easy with a little dedication, and has allowed us the luxury of a little extra coin in the pockets!!! I'm sure there are large diamonds, gold and silver in my future with all the savings I've earned!! tee hee hee!!

Let me know if you have some great resources too!! I'd love to hear from ya!!! Until then......have a great Friday!!


Sharon Stevens said...

I'm a couponer..well I used to be till they (companies) decided to print expiration dates like in 2 months. I recall in years before, coupons would have expiration dates into the next year. I used to get teased at work cuz I'd bring my coupon "bag" loaded to work to sort and pick out coupons I'd need.
Did you know that in the early 70's my ex mil said that the stores would give you cash for any coupons, didn't matter if you purchased that item or not. Can you believe that?? What happened? I wanna go back to the 70's hehe
I have a subscription to All You...where are you finding your coupons? I don't recall seeing alot of them...

Tina said...

You thrifty chickie you! Nice to see ya on here. I've missed ya

Lisa said...

lol @ the silver and diamonds in your future. :) I haven't been very good at clipping coupons because we usually buy the store brands and I end up feeling it's cheaper to buy those but if I were more dedicated to it, I would probably find better deals. We love our Kroger coupons that come in the mail sometimes giving us free coffee or water, based on things we buy. My husband I own a local email marketing business and we send out coupons each week from local businesses. We don't have any grocery stores yet but there are retail stores and restaurants. Some good deals (free stuff) usually gets offered to people who subscribe to a particular merchant.
SuddenValues is the company (ours is Roanoke SuddenValues). If you go to, you can see if there is one in your city.

Sorry so long! I get excited about saving money. lol